Road Test

Health Notice:  MASKS are required in this facility and during driving tests / lessons.

NOTE:  During times of HIGH gas prices, a fee of $5.00 per hour of DRIVING may be assessed when using one of the school vehicles. This ONLY applies to eligible School Students.

Road Tests (New Pricing)!

* Same Day Appointments:  $125 * Weekday Appointments: $100

* Saturday Appointments:   $125 * Sunday / Holiday Appointments: $150

Note: All road tests will be performed with the applicant’s personal vehicle. 


* 32 hour Students: $85 pfdriving students (only) road test. Additional charge for Saturday ($25) or Holiday ($50)

* 32 hour & BTW Students: $50 use of school car (not required) for EACH USE.

Call 512-670-9900 to schedule!!

Tests come with one retest that MUST be completed within 30 days of the original test.

Appointments are subject to a $25 service fee for rescheduling, cancellations and no-shows.


What to Expect:

Pflugerville Driving School has been approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety to conduct the Driver License Test. Successful completion of the License Test will enable the applicant to receive a Texas Driver License. This test is not a part of the driver education course and will be conducted by appointment only and this must be paid in full prior to testing. 

The Driver License Test will be conducted by a State Certified Examiner at the Pflugerville Driving School location. . The test will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Persons should arrive 20 minutes PRIOR to their appointment.  The driver will be testing with their own vehicle.  

All available dates and times will be determined by the examiner.

Important Note: This is only the TEST for the driver license. Pflugerville Driving School does NOT issue the actual driver license card. The applicant will still have to appear in person at a Department of Public Safety Office location, in order to receive their actual driver license.

The Test may be given to only those applicants that meet the State’s requirements listed below:

Please contact the school for ANY questions.

Teen / Young Adult Requirements


Note: The applicant does NOT have to be a former Pflugerville Driving School student, as long as they meet the requirements listed above, they can test at our location. 

APPLICANTS 18-24 Years of Age

ALL:  On the Test day, the applicant must bring all the items listed above along with eye wear (if required) and the valid permit. Absolutely NO PHOTOCOPIES of any of these documents will be accepted. The Test cannot be conducted without this documentation.

Adults 25 or older

Driving Schedule

All testing will take place at the Pflugerville Driving School location. Dates and times will be determined by the examiner. 

Please call the Pflugerville Driving School at 512 670-9900 to schedule a road test.