Welcome to Pflugerville Driving School!

A school where we care about the students.
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  • Patty Harris

    "My teacher provides the entire class with snacks every time!"

  • James Walker

    "The instructors here are incredibly fun to listen to."

  • Jenny Green

    "My drive time experience here was simply fantastic."

  • Michelle Peterson

    "I learned everything a driver needed to know in class."

  • John Brown

    "Just helping teens and adults learn how to drive better."

  • Elizabeth Gonzalez

    "My mission is to teach the importance of safe driving."

  • Jane Millers

    "I'm always here to address all your problems and concerns."

  • Jeff Anderson

    "I personally really enjoy going on drive times with students!"

  • Bonnie Jenkins

    "Absolutely satisfied by your driving school's services."

  • Megan Rodrigez

    "So glad I sent my son here. Very impressive performance."

  • Joshua McDonald

    "I've chosen this school for both myself and my children."

  • Andrew Boyd

    "Had a pleasant experience with their private drive times."

The mission of the Pflugerville Driving School is to serve and provide each student with an academically challenging education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self discipline, thinking skills, motivation and excellence in learning.

Effective June 1st:
If you are an existing student, you can sign up for a free DriveScheduler account here. Simply click sign up and input the necessary information. For more info, please visit our FAQ. School Code: pds632